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Vanilla Dream Inc


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Nationality of Parent Company: Available to Members
streetAddress: Sitio Ibaba, Barangay Sto. Domingo, Bay, Laguna
cityName: Bay
province: Laguna
Brief company description (maximum of 500 characters with spaces): Vanilla Dream Eco-Farms Inc or “Vanilla Dream” is a social enterprise established in 2019 by a group of entrepreneurs who aims to help farmers in the Philippines and to put Philippine vanilla in the map of Vanilla Industry. Our Goal: To be the top vanilla producer in the Philippines and to be one to the top vanilla producing countries in the world & to give farmers in the Philippines a sustainable livelihood thru vanilla farming Our Vision: To be the world’s top producer of sustainable and traceable vanilla. Our MISSION: To ensure sustainable and traceable production of the world’s finest vanilla from the Philippines by adapting innovative smart-farming technologies and manufacturing processes. Our Core Values: Empowerment – We are passionate about/promote continuous learning and improvement in our processes and systems. We enable/advocate meaningful engagement with our stakeholders – employees, contract farmers, and buyers as we strive to create a positive impact in their livelihood and in the environment. Transparency – We are trustworthy. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity and strongly believe these make us consistently reliable. Humility – We are respectful and truthful. We are aware and acknowledge our own strengths and recognize that learning from others and seeking out better ways of doing things are key in our growth/development as individuals and as an organization. Innovative – We keep ourselves abreast with the latest technologies and systems in smart – farming to optimize production and ensure sustainability while being responsible stewards of nature/the environment. Being innovative also means we are resilient – we use our creativity and agility as we adapt to the needs and requirements of our stakeholders and our environment. Competency – We are committed to consistently produce high quality vanilla through sustainable and traceable means. We have the right skills and abilities to support our pursuit/quest for efficiency and sustainability. Adherence to quality standards, safety protocols, and best practices are embedded in the way we do things. Service – We are compassionate and considerate to others and our environment. We do what we do because we find purpose and meaning in making people’s lives better.