"Leading Filipino Teams" Event by NordCham and Kaizen Leadership Asia Highlights Effective Leadership Strategies


On 15 May 2024, NordCham Philippines, in partnership with Kaizen Leadership Asia, held the “Leading Filipino Teams” event at IWG Spaces in Bonifacio Global City. The event aimed to provide business leaders with practical strategies for managing Filipino teams effectively. It featured insightful talks by Mike Grogan and George Marchan from Kaizen Leadership Asia, who focused on the importance of avoiding micromanagement and addressing negative traits in the workplace. Check the summary of the discussion below. 


An Interactive Event Full of Group Sharing and Q&A Sessions 

The event started off with various interactive segments, including group sharing and Q&A sessions with co-participants, attendees, and the hosts. These interactive sessions allowed participants to engage in lively discussions, share personal experiences, and ask questions directly to the speakers. This format not only fostered a sense of community and collaboration but also ensured that attendees could gain deeper insights and practical advice tailored to their specific leadership challenges. 


Empowering Leadership Strategies 

Mike Grogan emphasized the significance of trust in leadership. He pointed out that micromanaging can stifle creativity and reduce morale. Grogan shared practical techniques for fostering a culture of accountability and responsibility, ensuring that team members feel empowered and trusted to do their jobs effectively. His message was clear: leaders should focus on guiding rather than controlling their teams. 

George Marchan addressed the common negative attitudes that can hinder workplace productivity. He discussed how cultural mindsets can impact team dynamics and offered actionable steps to transform these attitudes into positive behaviors. Marchan’s insights were particularly relevant to leaders striving to create a supportive and dynamic work environment. 


Understanding Filipino Team Dynamics

Both speakers highlighted the importance of understanding the unique cultural traits of Filipino teams. They discussed the significance of family-oriented values and community spirit in the Filipino workplace. By aligning motivational strategies with these cultural nuances, leaders can enhance team engagement and productivity. Grogan and Marchan provided attendees with practical tips on how to motivate and inspire their teams effectively. 

The event was well-received by the audience, which included business owners, executives, senior managers, and department heads. Attendees appreciated the practical advice and real-world examples shared by the speakers. Many found the discussions on changing negative attitudes particularly enlightening, offering a fresh perspective on improving workplace dynamics.  


FREE Signed Books for the Participants

Participants also had the opportunity to receive a signed copy of Mike Grogan's book, "Leading Filipino Teams: Without Needing to Micromanage." This survival guide is packed with concepts and tips on how to be a better leader, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills. 


NordCham Philippines and Kaizen Leadership Asia extend their gratitude to all attendees and contributors who made this event a success. We look forward to welcoming you to our next event! 

For more information on future events and collaborations, please stay updated by visiting NordCham Philippines' website, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can also connect with Kaizen Leadership Asia here or reach out to Mike Grogan here and George Marchan here