Nordic talks

‘Nordic Talks’ is a series of talks and podcasts addressing the biggest global challenges. 

Through conversations with some of the brightest minds in the Nordics and their counterparts from around the world we want to provide a space for contemplation and to share inspiration on how to take action on sustainability issues in our everyday lives. All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) challenges.

NORDIC TALKS is brought to you by The Nordics, a project under The Nordic Council of Ministers.


NordCham PH | Nordic Talks

Nordic Ambassadors’ Forum 2020 Event Poster
Nordic Ambassadors' Forum 2020 
Nordic Innovation Forum 2020 Event Poster
Nordic Innovation Forum 2020 
Nordic Sustainability Awards Night 2021 Event Poster
Nordic Sustainability Awards Night 2021
 Nordic Innovation Forum 2021 Event Poster
Nordic Innovation Forum 2021

About NordCham PH | Nordic Talks

NordCham PH brings the best of the Nordics to the Philippines - together with the Nordic embassies, leading organizations and institutions – to INSPIRE communities, companies and the people to ACT in smart & sustainable ways.
This was done in 3 impactful events, reaching thousands of participants:

  1. Nordic Innovation Forum: Best practices and innovative solutions on working smarter
  2. Nordic Awards Night: Showcasing the best Nordic related companies in the Philippines
  3. Ambassadors Talks: Sharing and inspiring on sustainable infrastructure

Utilizing the extensive network of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, the Nordic Talks promote and showcase the Nordics and key Nordic values to leading organizations, institutions and the public in general in the Philippines, the Nordics and the South Asian Region.

Key messages evolving around all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with focus on Nordic values and way of doing things, these talks target Nordic and Philippine leaders and communities with interest in the SDGs, as well as the general public to create awareness and get people inspired to act for a better future.

The talks relate to the following SDGs:

  • SDG 1. No poverty
  • SDG 3. Good Health and well-being
  • SDG 4. Quality education
  • SDG 5. Gender Equality
  • SDG 6. Clean water and sanitation
  • SDG 7. Affordable and clean energy
  • SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth
  • SDG 9. Industry, Innovation and infrastructure
  • SDG 10. Reduced inequalities
  • SDG 11. Sustainable cities and communities
  • SDG 12. Responsible consumption and production
  • SDG 13. Climate action
  • SDG 15. Life on land
  • SDG 17. Partnership for the goals

All 3 events evolve around and include the mentioned SDGs in various ways with key speakers inspiring the audience on how and why they and the community can benefit from improving their efforts and hence encourage them to act on it.

Nordic Talks events relate to Innovation, Sustainability, Equality and Openness and showcase that Trust in leaders in the society is possible.

NordCham is already considered the most innovative Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines among those who know about us and we will help to further expand on that network and prove that the Nordics are the leaders in integrating and benefitting from those values.

Event Details

Nordic Ambassadors' Forum 2020: Perspectives on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Focusing on Quality Education, Affordable  and Clean Energy, and Decent Work and Economic Growth
The Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham Philippines), together with the Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden in Manila, organized the online edition of the Nordic Ambassadors' Forum: Perspectives on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Focusing on Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Decent Work and Economic Growth.
The forum is part of the Nordic Talks, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers (Norden).
Our keynote speakers shared Nordic Perspectives on selected sustainability development goals, while representatives from companies and organizations shared their reactions to each track.  
SDG 4: Quality Education - To ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning  Getting to the point of achieving inclusive and quality education for all strengthens the belief in the enormous role education plays in achieving sustainable development. The goal is to ensure that all girls and boys will be able to complete free primary and secondary schooling by 2030. It aims as well to provide equal access to affordable vocational training, eliminate gender and wealth disparities, and achieve universal access to a quality higher education.
SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy - To ensure access to affordable and sustainable energy for all  The population continually grows so would the demand for cheaper and more efficient energy. To achieve SDG 7 energy productivity must be improved; investments in solar, wind and thermal power are essential; and ensuring energy for all is a must.
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth - To promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all.  In achieving the goal of full and productive employment, and decent work for all men and women, economies should encourage entrepreneurship and job creation. Other key factors that will drive the achievement of the goal are sustainable economic growth, higher levels of productivity, and innovation. 
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals​
*The content of this publication has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations of its officials or Member States

Nordic Innovation Forum 2020: Nordics INSPIRE the Philippines to ACT Smart & Sustainable 

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham Philippines) organized the online edition of the Nordic Innovation Forum, entitled Nordics INSPIRE the Philippines to ACT Smart & Sustainable.
This half-day event showcased the best practices and innovative solutions for working smarter. Focusing on the following:
Smart Workforce
Growing quality human capital is needed in today's business environment. It does not matter what industry you are in as long as your goal is to compete and grow your business. Upskilling your workers, maximizing productivity, improving the transfer of knowledge, and accelerating leadership development are key to achieving your business goals.
Smart Infrastructure
Decreased maintenance costs, reduced damage and disruption costs, increased quality and value of service, protection of human life are just some of the benefits of building a sustainable smart infrastructure.
Smart Technology
The use of IoT devices, smart connected devices, and smart devices will ensure sustainability, security, efficiency, and promote convenience. With these in mind, we not only save time and money, but we also become even more productive, comfortable, and secure.
Smart Energy
With the onset of all the available technology these days, energy efficiency is easier achieved. Relying on old-fashioned and traditional sources of energy is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Tapping into more efficient and lasting sources is essential.

Nordic Sustainability Awards Night 2021

NordCham Philippines held the #NordicSustainabilityAwardsNight. This event aimed to give recognition to Nordic affiliated companies who conduct their business guided by both the SDGs and Nordic values. With that said, we would like to wish the winners of this event a very well-deserved congratulations, once again!
We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to these amazing people for supporting this event:
To our Judges:
• Leo Herrera Lim, Ambassador, Philippine Embassy in Denmark
• Elizabeth Sy, Honorary Consul General, Consulate of Iceland in Manila
• Perry L. Pe, Senior Partner, Romulo Mabanta Buenaventura Sayoc & Delos Angeles
To our Guest Speaker:
• Yayu Javier, Local Representative, and Chairperson at Global Compact Network Philippines
To our Event Sponsor:
• Turkish Airlines
To our Trophy Creator & Designer:
• Filtra Timber
To our Co-presenters:
• BDO Unibank
• Grundfos
• KMC Savills, Inc.
• IWG plc
To all who joined us in celebrating this wonderful event, thank you very much!
We hope to see you all next year!

Nordic Innovation Forum 2021: Building a Thriving Innovation Ecosystem to Support Sustainability Goals

Innovation fueled by the demand to be sustainable is not simply creating "green" products. It requires advancing business operations and processes to become more efficient by being more radically creative and getting closer to your customer to understand their needs and requirements.
Through different studies made, researchers discovered that businesses that were leaders in sustainability are also innovation leaders. These businesses take advantage of the constraints that would hinder others from being creative, use it as a motivation to up creativity in addressing sustainability directives. These businesses also empower their employees to come up with new solutions for whatever problem may arise. Through these exercises and consciousness, employees of these businesses see the whole value chain.
Listen to our speakers as they discuss the relationship between sustainability, innovation, and the importance of building a thriving ecosystem to support sustainability goals.
The Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham Philippines) delved more into the relationship between sustainability and innovation focusing on the following tracks:
Radical Creativity: Empower an experimental culture by building the spaces and practices that encourage us to break boundaries and create novel perspectives
Operationalising Design to Drive Innovation and Customer Experience in your Organisation: Uncover deep customer insights, develop unique concepts, and rapidly test prototypes with users and stakeholders to turbo-charge your growth
Production 4.0: Integrate innovation and sustainability into the broader context of the supply chain
The 2nd day (2 June 2021) of the Nordic Innovation Forum is a follow-up on the talk of Ulrich Hedegaard Brorson, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Digital Development & Innovation at GRUNDFOS on Production 4.0 from Day 1. And a Virtual Company Visit with Grundfos, to showcase how they have used innovative processes in their business.
Panel Discussion

Keynote Speaker - USEC. Rafaelita Aldaba, Ph.D

Christoffer Erichsen | Operationalising Design

Ulrich Hedegaard Brorson | Production 4.0


 About the speakers:

Rafaelita Aldaba, Ph.D.
Undersecretary at Competitiveness and Innovation Group of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Dr. Rafaelita “Fita” M. Aldaba is Undersecretary for the Competitiveness and Innovation Group of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). She fulfills a key role in the formulation and implementation of the Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy (i3S), which puts innovation at the heart of the country’s new industrial policy. Undersecretary Aldaba is also a Governor of the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI), the country’s primary industry development arm and lead investment promotion agency (IPA).
She is leading DTI’s initiatives in preparing industries for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformation, establishing Regional Inclusive Innovation Centers (RIICs), developing new creative industries, and growing a robust startup ecosystem. She oversees the administration and operations of the Competitiveness Bureau (CB), Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) and Bureau of Trade and Industrial Policy Research (BTIPR).
A researcher turned policymaker, Undersecretary Aldaba was Senior Research Fellow and Acting Vice-President of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) prior to her previous appointment as Assistant Secretary of DTI’s Industry Development and Trade Policy Group (IDTPG). She has extensive research experience, authored various publications on development issues, and conceptualized and managed research projects with various international organizations, including The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the United States Agency for International Development.
Christoffer Erichsen
Founding Partner and CEO of Human Inc
Founding Partner and CEO of Human Inc, an innovation house on a mission to “help companies win through innovation, culture & future skills”. Chris has over 20 years of experience in the intersection of strategy, innovation and design.
Through his work in Human Inc he has powered 100+ global brands to drive sustainable business model innovation launching 200+ new products and services, delivering delightful customer experiences and certified more than 15,000 design thinkers and agile leaders.
In Asia he has worked with companies like Citibank, Singapore Airlines, FedEx, Coke, Petronas, AirAsia and Dell helping their leaders adopt new ways of working that drives customer-centric growth and organisational agility.
Chris studied youth culture at SDU in Denmark and is a certified Systemic and Narrative Coach from DISPUK in Denmark and a certified GrowthWheel Business Advisor & Master Trainer.
Chris loves to share his work experience with peers and is a sought-for speaker for international conferences, seminars and webinars. He is a member of several boards, coaches select startup founders and invests in high potential ventures that aligns with his purpose and values.
Ulrich Hedegaard Brorson
Director, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Digital Development & Innovation of GRUNDFOS
Leader within R&D, Innovation, production Technology development, Digitalization. Ulrich has a long experience working with a global perspective on innovation within production technology development.
Ulrich thrives within and creative environment creating strong sustainable results while exploring the future and being a change agent for the people and organization around him. He takes pride in doing this as as a head of a team by encouraging others to perform to the best of their ability in a collaborative manner. He is experienced in working in an international environment and heading global teams in different locations and cultures.
As a person Ulrich is passionate, very ambitious and always honest. He get energized in the connection with other energetic people and have the ability to combine my own skills with others creating great results. He is driven by strong values and as a leader focuses on creating an environment of trust, empowerment, and respect for diversity.
Specialties: R&D, Innovation, Productions technologies, digitalization, production technology development, people management, strategy, change management, project portfolio management

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