Another fun and successful Räkfrossa

On Saturday the 9th of October, NordCham hosted yet another Räkfrossa - this year 100% online due to COVID restrictions and uncertainties - with awesome food from Scandinavian Gourmet, fun games and amazing Raffle prices.

We started of at 5:25 with a short message from our Executive Director, Jesper Svenningsen, followed by an informative welcome message from our President, Bo Lundqvist, which included:

"Rakfrossa is similar to a boodle fight – freshly cooked shrimp in heaps served eat all you can, typically with other seafood, perhaps during a sunset cruise. While we do not have that luxury today, I believe the box in front of you have enough seafood to resemble the real deal."

Bo went on to introduce Michelle Kloo Andersson from Scandinavian Gourmet - the catering company which made the great food - Based on all the feedback, we hope to do more food events with them!

Bo also thanked our sponsors for Rakfrossa 2021:

  • Turkish Airlines, our Diamond Business Partner and sponsor of 2 return tickets to any of their destinations
  • Sofitel, also Diamond Business Partner and sponsor of a voucher for two at the amazing Spiral restaurant
  • The Wine Club and Arctic Blue Gin who has both provided bottles for the raffle later
  • ARLA for tasty products to go along with the food as well as 3 gift baskets for the raffle 
  • Our own Swedish artist in the Philippines Jeanette Kamphius, who have donated 4 paintings for this event.
  • PMFTC and Retail Associates for sponsoring the event

Then it was time for the Swedish song, Helan Gar, accompanied with a glass of aquavit. As usual, Bo lead us all through the Swedish lyrics. Thank you Bo for always helping with this fun tradition! 

This was followed by a message from Erhan Balaban, general manager of Turkish Airlines. It was very positively received that Turkish Airlines is very soon expanding in the Philippines, with 5 weekly flights from Cebu.

Our event sponsor PMFTC also got the spotlight with their nice video on Unsmoke.

Now it was time for a classic Filipino game - Bring me! Participants were asked to show us a Nordic flag, a NordCham business card, a 1000 PHP bill, a bottle of aquavit and the GlueUp app or NordCham website on their phone! Congrats to the engaged winners, who will soon receive either some nice chocolate or a LEGO salt and pepper shaker.

Finally it was time for the much awaited Raffle. Tickets were only 500p each, and some participants had bought a lot to increase their chances of winning - we appreciate your support! The raffle was done using an online tool, wheel of name, to ensure full transparency and no one able to influence the drawing of the lucky winners. The main price was won by Wabby Lundqvist - big congratulations on your upcoming Business Class trip to any Turkish Airlines destination!

The event was concluded with hopes for a physical event next year, before we left all the participants to either start enjoying or continue to enjoy the lovely food without camera on.

Below you find a few pictures of the food and the raffle winners.