Fireside Chat with DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez

It's no small feat to be the head of a government office, let alone an office responsible for realizing the country's goal of a globally competitive and innovative industry and services sector that contributes to an inclusive business climate, and empowers consumers.

We have all seen him give speeches, present economic plans, be part of ground-breaking ceremonies. We have read all the articles quoting him on the latest plans of his department or addressing new issues. We have all read his profile, we all know how qualified he is for the position, but we at NordCham Philippines would like to learn more about the man they refer to as Trade Secretary, Sec. Mon and SRML. That is why we have invited him to a more relaxed setting and format to get to know more about the man rather than the job.

We invite you to listen in as NordCham's very own Executive Director fires up questions for Department of Trade Industry Secretary Ramon M. Lopez.