Latest status on the situation in the Philippines

NordCham, together with PSA Consultancy, our Advisory Business Partner, did our regular event “Latest update on the situation in the Philippines” on the 11th of November. A lot of things are going in the right direction in the Philippines now, especially due to the good vaccinate rate in NCR.
While there´s still room for improvements, businesses are having an easier time recovering, due to the great work of the governmental departments, the LGUs and everyone involved in the vaccination process and healthcare in general.
During the event we did several quick polls - you find the results below. In general, the results shows that majority are still worried about the situation and despite the good development, they are still reluctant and scared to go back to a life resembling that from pre-pandemic.
It is my hope that the government and the media will start to focus more on bringing back the “It is more fun in the Philippines” – we need more positive news to overcome the fear from COVID, which affects our daily life on both a physical and mental way.

Jesper Svenningsen, Executive Director of NordCham