Nordic Alumni

In recent months, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham Philippines) has been working on potential opportunities towards the promotion of stronger business ties and connections between the Philippines and the Nordic nations. The said endeavours are intended to be accomplished with the establishment of an Alumni Network, starting with two main components: namely transnational university partnerships and a comprehensive internship programme.

The former aspect pertains to the exploration of partnerships between top-tier Nordic and Philippine universities with strong business and economic programmes, in the hopes of facilitating undergraduate exchange possibilities for more members of the youth and the future workforce. It is perceived to be mutually beneficial, with the Nordic region being one of the most innovative areas in the world and the Philippine being one of the fastest-growing economies among the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

The latter aspect concerns a renewed and firmer ability to strengthen the experiences of graduating educated individuals of the future generations, whose passions and interests lie within the realm of the private sector. We are currently exploring a partnership with with AIESEC in the Philippines. AIESEC has a huge network among leading universities and is already specialized in assisting in the facilitation of strong internship positions. We believe our member companies can benefit tremendously by getting Filipino interns with well-rounded skills and leadership potential, interested in making a meaningful and sustainable difference through shared Nordic and Filipino values.

While the aforementioned initiatives are still in the early stages of formulation, the NordCham Philippines community remains optimistic and excited towards the further bridging of the distance and economic relations through the Alumni Network and looks forward to working with its members towards making such a reality within the near future.