“To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.” - Sustainability Committee Meeting with CGI Philippines

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines hosted its monthly Sustainability Committee Meeting featuring the winner of the CSR Business Partner of the Year: CGI Philippines Inc. Held on 25 October 2023 at the CGI Philippines Office in Taguig. 

Representatives of various companies and organizations attended the event: Artelia Philippines, Bantu Philippines, Best Buddies Philippines Foundation, Inc., Citadel Pacific Ltd., Colliers International, GoodTech Information Systems Inc., Greenbulb Communications, Life Project 4 Youth, PlantBased&More Food Products, Q2 HR Solutions, Inc., Scandi Divers, Odfjell Technology Philippines Corporation, and One Earth – One Ocean

CGI, a leading global company in IT and BPO, has unveiled a significant shift in its approach, transitioning from traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to a more comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. The presentation led by Jill De Jesus, Country Leader of CGI Philippines, showcased its commitment to holistic sustainability, ethical practices, and community empowerment, signaling a fundamental change in its operational philosophy.

This strategic shift underlines CGI's dedication to embracing ethical practices and prioritizing data security and integrity within its operations. Demonstrating a proactive stance towards environmental sustainability, CGI aims to achieve net-zero status by 2030, positioning itself two decades ahead of the global targets set by the Paris Agreement.

Jill highlighted their vision for transforming the way we operate, emphasizing CGI's commitment to infusing ESG principles across all areas of its operations, including corporate culture and acquisition strategies.

Beyond internal operations, CGI extends into collaborative efforts with communities and educational institutions, focusing on digital inclusion, education, and mentorship programs. The company strives to maximize impact through optimized volunteer hours and resource utilization, driving meaningful change.

Sustainability is woven into CGI's activities, ensuring eco-friendly practices in events and daily operations. The company's leadership actively advocates for sustainability, aiming to foster a cultural shift beyond organizational boundaries.

Furthermore, CGI has established impactful partnerships with organizations like Build for Life, Solar Hope, and Scholars of Sustenance, symbolizing a shared commitment to various causes—ranging from maternal and child health to improving electricity access and reducing food waste. CGI's outreach programs in communities like Laiban, benefiting 2000 residents through initiatives such as ICT lab refurbishment, laptop provisions, and internet accessibility, exemplify CGI's holistic approach to community empowerment.

According to Jill, environmental sustainability remains a top priority for CGI, evident through tree-planting initiatives, solar panel donations, and comprehensive environmental awareness sessions for new employees. She emphasized that this transformation is not just about business; it's about people, the planet, and progress, emphasizing CGI's commitment to measure impact across various domains, aspiring to be an ethical, sustainable partner in every endeavor.

The company's focus on employee engagement in CSR activities, offering platforms aligned with individual passions, significantly amplifies community impact. While celebrating being certified as a Great Place to Work, CGI remains committed to striking a balance between CSR initiatives and showcasing its extensive services.

CGI's ongoing and future projects—such as the food rescue truck and rescue kitchen—underscore the company's commitment to reducing food wastage, contributing to CO2 emission reduction, and uplifting communities in need. 

CGI's vision for holistic sustainability, engaging collaborations, and a commitment to a better, more sustainable future resonated. The company continues to set industry benchmarks and remains steadfast in its mission toward a more sustainable world.

After the presentation, Jill and Lani actively engaged with the attendees for a Q&A session. Hereafter, the attendees engaged in a facilitated brainstorming activity. Below are some key takeaways:

  • Commitment to achieve net-zero status showcases proactive sustainability.
  • ESG principles integrated into business strategy align company culture with sustainability goals.
  • Community collaborations focus on digital inclusion and educational initiatives.
  • Leadership actively advocates for sustainability, fostering cultural change.
  • Impactful partnerships address diverse causes like healthcare and food rescue.
  • Measurement-driven impact and employee engagement drive CSR initiatives.


The NordCham Sustainability Committee aims for more collaboration across industries and learning opportunities from experts in the field of sustainability. Since April 2022, the Sustainability Committee has hosted 17 meetings on varying sustainability topics with resource speakers and sharing of best practices, networking opportunities and partnerships, and collaboration with government units. 

The next Sustainability Committee meeting will be held on 29 November 2023 from 3:30 – 6:00 PM at AstraZeneca Office, Inoza Tower, BGC. The topic of discussion is Organic Waste Treatment in river preservation. To secure your slot, please register through this link.